Membrane degasifiers

Membrane degasifiers

 The membrane degassing process is used to reduce dissolved CO2 in the permeate of a reverse osmosis plant and is suitable for the UO-ND/P and UP plant series.


  • Significant improvement of the permeate and diluate quality
  • no chemicals needed
  • Sturdy and reliable physical process
  • Compact integration in suitable UO-ND/P and  UP units


Dissolved CO2 is removed from the permeate using stripping air. The permeate is fed through a PP hollow fibre membrane module that is only permeable for gases, but not for water. The permeate and stripping air are fed in opposite directions for the best possible degassing results.

The membrane degasifier is mounted in the unit and consists of air filters, pressure reducers and air flow meters. The degasifier is supplied with compressed air (DL) by the customer. Larger degasifiers include a side channel blower (SV).

For special applications such as oxygen degassing, degassing with FDA approved modules or for permeate where the dissolved CO2 concentration is > 30 mg/l please contact us.

Membrane degasifier in UP12000 ultra-pure water unit