Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis

Osmosis: If a saline solution and water are separated by a partially permeable (semipermeable) membrane, the water moves through the membrane and dilutes the saline solution until the solute concentration is equal on both sides.

Reverse osmosis: Osmosis is reversible if pressure is exerted onto the saline solution. Pure water (permeate) and a highly concentrated saline solution are produced.

The permeate, which is produced with about 75-80% of the initial volume of raw water, has a conductivity of 5-20 µS/cm and is almost free from salts. The concentrate, with a proportion which is about 20 - 25 % of the volume, carries away 97-99 % of the salts dissolved in the raw water. 

Herco's reverse osmosis units range offers the right solution for every application. Our wide, vendor-independent membrane range along with cutting-edge control technology allow varied, particularly water and energy saving solutions that produce extremely low-conductivity water. Pre-treatment (filtration, softening, dosing) is selected dependent on the available raw water and the permeate quality required. 

Herco specialists will gladly consult and help you with the layout of your installation.


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Herco reverse osmosis systems are used wherever reliable operation is required. Parts and controllers are designed for long-term operation. Each plant is tested thoroughly before delivery.