Medical applications

Medical applications

e.g. a dialysis water treatment unit in accordance with the European Medical Device Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC) consisting of a two-stage reverse osmosis unit with thermal disinfection, loop and points of withdrawal for hemodialysis stations. 

e.g. a water treatment unit for endoscopy consisting of a reverse osmosis unit, an ultra-pure water tank, a recirculation unit with sterile filter and a UV disinfection unit, thermally disinfectable, for endoscope cleaning. The recirculation unit is equipped with a heating module, making it possible to adjust the loop temperature freely. 

e.g. a water treatment unit for sterilisers as central unit, consisting of a reverse osmosis unit with insulated ultra-pure water tank and a recirculation unit. The sterile filter is thermally disinfectable and allows feeding loops for steriliser supply.

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