Green Hydrogen (Power-to-X)


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Green hydrogen is a central building block for reaching the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. It is produced by water electrolysis, using only power from renewable energy sources such as wind or solar energy. This means the production of hydrogen is CO2-neutral. Subsequently, hydrogen can be used as alternative fuel or base material in the industry, as fuel for shipping or long-haul trucking or it can be transformed to electricity and heat. These different options to utilize green hydrogen are also referred to as PtX (power-to-X) and will make a significant contribution to climate action and the decarbonisation of economies.

Water is the most important feedstock for the production of green hydrogen. Herco provides the entire water treatment system tailored to the necessities of the client – no matter whether small compact units for piloting, large plants with sophisticated process technology or containerized units for a rapid commissioning on site are needed. Our experts will be happy to advise you on topics such as process technology, redundancy concept, suitable materials and instrumentation / control of the water treatment unit.

  • Technologies used for water treatment:
  • Pre-treatment (e.g. filtration, softening)
  • Reverse osmosis (single or double stage, if required with antiscale dosing)
  • Membrane contactors for removal of CO2
  •  Electro-deionisation (EDI)
  • Pure water storage and distribution with pumping station
  •  Polishing of pure water in loop





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